Selling tips at trade shows

OK. These are not my ideas and furthermore I have never used them since I am not a sales representative. However, they were given to me by someone who is, so I thought it would be nice to share them. The gentleman in question represents his company at various trade shows throughout North America and this is what he had to pass along.

First he thought that booth staff should not sit down at the booth. He felt that better eye contact could be made with prospective customers as they passed by from a standing position. He is also a stickler for getting a good night’s sleep after the show comes to an end so as to be fresh for the next day. No wild parties! He felt that you should smile and greet people with the same enthusiasm at the end of the day as you do at the beginning no matter how tired you may get as the day progresses. And talking about the end of the day he also recommended that you wait right to the very end before leaving since your competitors at the show may well have left by then and  you have all the potential prospects to yourself! Finally he thought that you should never judge someone by their appearance and often the best prospect doesn’t look like one!

With regard to the last sentence above it reminds me of a period many, many moons ago when I got a job in a department store. A very famous one called Harrods in London. As up market a store as you could get. The first day I was there I was sent to staff training and there were a whole bunch of us there listening to the trainer. She told us that we should never judge a customer by their appearance. It seems that a rather shabby person asked for assistance in the store and was brushed off by a member of the staff and sent off to a counter which had some less expensive merchandise that was on sale or discounted.

The guy was furious and complained to the management. All hell broke loose when it was discovered that he was a billionaire who owned several department stores himself which were actually in competition with Harrods!  The moral of the tale is never to judge a book by its cover!