The Giant Fan

This is a recent picture from the ODA-ASM show. Alas it is not a perfect fan but at least it will give you an idea:

Giant Fan ODA Show

That break in the fan bothers me! I therefore feel compelled to let you see this picture too! My face is partially hidden but you probably don’t want to see that anyway!
Giant Fan.php


Annual Spring Meeting-Ontario Dental Association


For the next couple of days this is where I shall be performing. I went down there yesterday to set up and check the layout of the show. I look forward to entertaining the throngs of dentists and others who will be attending. This video is from last year. I was at last year’s show and was fortunate enough to be rebooked for this year. Fellow magician James Alan was also performing at this show last year and you can see him for a second or two at 19 seconds in although he is not performing in the video. Incidentally here is a link to James’s own blog.



This has nothing to do with trade shows but here is a video of me doing close quarter magic about 25 years ago when I had hair!  I do two of the tricks in my trade show act even today so I suppose there is a connection after all! Please ignore the pictures of cats throughout the video. I have no idea what they are doing there! I did not put this video together so I can only plead innocence. Hopefully the video clip will please cat lovers and magic lovers at the same time!