Another opinion!

A couple of entries back I mentioned that in my own considered opinion not everyone is qualified to perform magic at trade shows. I have seen various performers dressed in jeans, baseball caps and somewhat scruffy appearance completely incompatible with the corporate image. Great for performing on the street but hardly suitable for the trade show floor.

I have even seen these people spend more time advertising themselves instead of the company they are working for. I have even seen one chap put up a massive banner advertising his own services!

They don’t know how to draw a crowd, keep a crowd and most importantly impart company messages and help to SELL the product or service. And worst of all they discourage companies from every hiring a trade show magic presenter ever again.

So the question arises. Why do companies hire them over more experienced trade show magicians who actually know what they are doing?  I did an informal survey of companies to find out the answer.  Here it is. MONEY!  The inferior performer is usually working for peanuts! But this is false economy since as the old adage goes, “You get what  you pay for”.  What often happens is the company executive who hires the second rate magician ends up looking bad in front of his boss when the guy doesn’t bring in a single lead. Or promotes the company brand properly. Or incorporate the sales messages into the tricks. Or fails to draw a crowd.

Anyway, to get to the point of this entry I was delighted to find that I was not alone in this opinion. I came across this on the internet. I don’t know the author and he has no idea I am going to post his link here. It is written from the point of view of a company executive who decided to hire a magician for a trade show. It agrees with everything I just said and also the entry I made on this blog I made a few weeks back when I insisted that not just any magician is capable of doing trade show work despite what they might say on their websites.

It is a blog post by a gentleman named Dan Corvalis. I recommend everyone reads it.