Pitching at the Flea Market

I keep pointing out the similarities between a magic pitchman (or indeed a pitchman of any kind) and a trade show magician. That is because there IS a lot of similarities. Still, enough is enough and I will try to make this the last post concerning the matter.

Still many of the approaches are the same. You gather a crowd the same way, you use humour the same way, and of course you work in the same environment at consumer shows with the same booth set ups, the same show regulations etc; and of course the most important similarity is that you sell in the same way, albeit in a less high pressure manner. In fact the selling is more subtle since you are not actually selling a specific product and taking in the money there and then. Your selling job is actually a lot easier than that since all you have to do is incorporate the product features and benefits into the entertainment.

You then have to convince the audience to talk to the sales staff on the booth. And in some cases even pre- qualify them by asking specific questions in a tongue in cheek manner. You make the job of the sales staff easier because you break the ice with the prospects and make them laugh. And of course a laughing potential prospect is an easier one to sell to.

So here is an example of how a pitchman selling magic tricks to the public can make an audience laugh. And the same magic pitchman happens to use exactly the same techniques with an audience consisting of trade show attendees. How do I know he uses them?
Because the pitchman is me!

Here I am working at a flea market. A couple of young ladies got so much fun out of the demonstration that they  asked  if they could film me working and put it on You Tube. I consented and they came in another day because they had a real camera at home and they wanted to use that in preference to recording it on their phone. This is the result. I also do psychic readings and this is what the reference to the palm reading is all about but the main emphasis here is on the magic tricks. Astute business and sales people will see how it can be applied to drawing a crowd and promoting a product or service at a trade show. Anyway here it is. Enjoy:







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