The Hard Sell-Part Two. How does real life selling really work?

In my last entry I mentioned the book, “The Hard Sell” and I promised to explain how it applies to the work of a trade show magician. Well of course at trade shows the main objective is usually to sell something. I think probably the best way to explain how the book relates to selling and drawing a crowd is simply to reproduce what it says on the back cover.  And here you are:

Pitchers routinely transform a patch of bare ground into a sea of eager purchasers using little more than the gift of the gab and some homespun psychology to determine what is needed to convince their customers to buy. Employing some of the most successful sales techniques in the world, in one of the oldest and most difficult of selling situations, their rhetoric has to equal that employed by the most skillful politician or professional persuader.

Using recorded examples of pitchers attracting a crowd, describing and demonstrating their goods, building bargains, cajoling the unconvinced to make a purchase and coping with problem customers the authors reveal, for the first time, the reason for these traders’ extraordinary success. Comparing their findings with more orthodox selling situations the authors illustrate lessons that have relevance for everyone involved in sales, advertising and marketing.

Original, authoritative and highly readable, this book is an essential tool for anyone who wants to understand how selling really works.




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