How I put a script together for a trade show presentation.

Here is an example of how I incorporate company messages into my magic presentations at a trade show. This video has certain limitations but it should give you an idea. The first limitation is that it was not done at a trade show! However, it does show you exactly the procedure I use. The second limitation is that I only wrote the script the day before the video was recorded and subsequently I did not have enough time to learn it. Normally I have a lead time of several weeks to prepare what I say at a trade show but this was an exception. And of course as I stated, it wasn’t for a trade show anyway!  Alas since I wasn’t able to learn the script in time I had to type it out and lay it beside me while I performed. And of course you keep seeing me glancing at the script so I can see what to say next! And that doesn’t look very good at all!

Still, for what it is worth here you go. This was for Wendy’s fast food chain.


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