Eddie Tullock again!

One of the first posts on this blog was a video showing legendary trade show magician Eddie Tullock at work. Well you might as well see him again. This time he is doing an office demonstration. I do these too. Sometimes a company would like to see the magician in action before committing to using him on the booth so I make an appointment to visit and give a live demonstration. Of course this only works if the company offices are local to the greater Toronto area where I reside.

I work for companies all over Canada so if the company is out of town I send them video clips of my work and that works well too. However, there is nothing like the power of a live demonstration in person and many of my bookings come from either fellow exhibitors at trade shows who approach me after seeing me work or office demonstrations such as described.

Anyway here is Eddie at work:


2 thoughts on “Eddie Tullock again!

  1. This is amazing! I have never seen this footage before. I never had a chance to work with Eddie, but I’ve heard all the stories. This video is truly a gem.


  2. Hi Seth
    It is nice to see you here. I have three video clips of Eddie. One is the one you have commented on. The second one is a continuation of the one above and a little bit of him actually working a show. I think I will post it once I have finished reviewing all those trade show books. I have only one left to review then I will post it. The third one is also on this blog. I think it was my first or second post. It is the best one of the lot since you actually see Eddie at work in a trade show. And as a bonus at the end you will see a bit of Eddie Fechter too!


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