How to choose a trade show magician.

Once a company is convinced that their display booth will draw greater crowds with a magician the next step is to find the right person to do the job. It isn’t as easy as you might think! There are many people who are excellent magicians of course. However, they are not necessarily good salesmen. The trick (no pun intended) is to find the rare combination of an excellent magician who is also an excellent salesman. Working the trade show booth requires that the product presentation given by the entertainer be direct and considerably condensed.

A good trade show magician becomes part of the sales team and can often be used for public relations work in addition to his work within the confines of the display booth. For this reason it is important that you feel satisfied that the entertainer will qualify as a representative of your company under all conditions including working in the booth, at sales meetings, in hospitality rooms etc;

The question may arise “Won’t any magician do?” The answer is a resounding NO! Not every magician understand the corporate market and more specifically don’t understand the trade show market and what is required in that particular environment.

There are indeed many magicians who advertise on the internet that they do trade shows. Well they don’t! Not successfully anyway. If you investigate matters a little more closely you will see that they are bluffing!

There are plenty of magicians with websites promoting their services to the trade show market. Unfortunately, the only real life experience many of them have with trade shows is the ability to create a website combined with the knowledge of how to manipulate the internet search engines to the top of the page!

These people are general practitioners of magic whose main work is children’s birthday parties, corporate picnics and holiday parties. Nothing wrong with children’s birthday parties but working a trade show is a different kettle of fish entirely.

Having this experience does not guarantee that the magician will have the skills necessary to draw crowds and incorporate sales messages into the presentation.  So choose carefully! Not just anyone will do. Make sure you get someone EXPERIENCED  in the trade show market otherwise it could be a very bad return on investment!


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