How it all works and how a trade show magician can help you.

1. It breaks the ice and makes it easier for you to do your job. A laughing prospect is an easier one to sell to. The presentation will give you a conversation starter to use with your customers both during and after the show.

2. I will have a crowd of 10-30 people gathered in front of me. At the end of my demonstration I direct them all to come on to the booth to talk to the salespeople. If you have a free gift to hand to them I mention this and it encourages them to interact with you. You can either scan their badges, get them to fill out a lead form, answer their questions or best of all SELL to them!

3. I will have a crowd in front of me for about 10 minutes or so. This is enough time for your astute sales people to observe and pick out the hot prospects by their manner and the attendee badges. I also at one point ask the people in the crowd to raise their hands if they make the buying decisions for their company. It is done in a fun manner in the middle of a card trick and it does enable you to identify who the key people are.

4. If you are busy dealing with a prospect while another one is waiting I can entertain that person and keep them occupied until you are free to deal with them.

5. If you have regular clients/customers and bring them over to watch me this can create goodwill and excellent public relations.

6. I constantly proclaim the benefits and features of your products/services in a fun way and help attendees to remember your company name.

7. I draw people over to the booth and can make it the most entertaining and memorable booth at the show. Constant crowds mean constant business.

8. I have a method of actually collecting the badges of qualified prospects during my show so that they can be scanned by the sales representatives and given back at the end of the show. This is a good way of eliminating the “tire kickers” and only scanning the more likely prospects.


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