More on gathering crowds

There are all sorts of methods a magician can use to gather crowd at a trade show. In my last post I have explained the one I use most often. However, here is another method which I used constantly in my days of pitching trick decks of cards at consumer shows, fairs and department stores. I would spread a deck of cards in a long row with just one sweep. At some point I will post a video where you can see me doing this. I would then turn them over domino fashion in a very pretty flourish. I would time this for when someone would walk by and say, “have you seen the magic cards, sir?” The timing was essential. I had to time it so that the spectator would see the cards flipping over. A second too late or a second to soon and the ploy would fail.

Sometimes I have gained the same effect just by springing the deck from one hand to the other. This has the advantage of making a noise which stands out. All I have to do then once I get their attention is to repeat the flourish and it does quite startle them and they don’t quite know what to make of it. I continue, “Come and have a look, you might as well see it while you are here!” They come over and before they know it they are watching a magician who is using them to gather more people.

There are a few other methods that a magician can use to draw a crowd. I will detail them in future posts.


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